'Hawaii Five-O' Season 8 New Big Bad Has Links With Past Villain: Show Welcomes 3 Characters

By Tania G. | Aug 15, 2017 08:42 AM EDT

A young and brilliant computer hacker will be the new villain in “Hawaii Five-0” Season 8. Viewers will find him having a striking resemblance to a villain from the past. The upcoming season will also have a cast shake-up following Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park’s abrupt exit from the series.

Regular viewers should remember Ian Wright (Nick Jonas), the sociopath hacker who met a bloody end in the Season 4 finale. He kidnapped and planned to kill Grover’s (Chi McBride) daughter. Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) however was able to kill him first. After three years, Ian’s brother, who will be played by Joey Lawrence, appears to want to continue his legacy.

Lawrence will be appearing in two episodes of “Hawaii Five-O” Season 8 as Aaron Wright reports TV Guide. The Task Force will encounter him when he is able to free a dangerous arsonist from prison using his computer. The actor is currently filming his first episode based on a set photo of himself and his brother Andrew that he twitted. “Something's cooking on the #island,” Lawrence said. “Stay tuned.”

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Meanwhile, “Hawaii Five-O” Season 8 is moving on after Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park failed to reach an agreement with CBS. Recent reports indicate that three new characters will be introduced to fill the gap left by Kim and Park.

Ian Anthony Dale has been promoted to series regular according to Deadline. He plays the role of Adam Noshimuri, who McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) recruited into the team as Kim’s likely replacement. McGarrett also has new recruits in Tani Rey (Meaghan Rath) and Junior Reigns (Beulah Koale).

The first assignment of former lifeguard Tani as a new member of the team in “Hawaii Five-O” Season 8 is to stop new villain Aaron Wright. Watch how she fares when the new season premieres on September 29 on CBS.

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