Spotify Unavailable For Safari Browser After Update; Possible Plugin Issue

By Staff Reporter | Sep 11, 2017 04:26 AM EDT

Streaming service Spotify parts ways with the web browser Safari. After undergoing some recent updates, Spotify's Web Player is no longer working for the Mac OS browser.

Spotify users noticed this when they accessed the site on the Safari browser, where they got a message stating that the service is no longer supported. Users are also advised to use another web browser or download the desktop player of Spotify, The Verge reported.

This change is also validated by the support page of Spotify. According to the site, the supported browsers only have Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera listed.  When the company's customer service was contacted for additional information, the only information provided was that the recent updates caused the change. Also, no detail was given as to when the service will be back to the Safari browser.    

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Engadget does shed some light on the matter, stating that the exclusion of Safari has something to do with the copy protection plugin Spotify is using. Apparently, the Widevine plugin Spotify wanted to use for its Web Player could be flagged by macOS due to some security concerns. And without a guarantee that the plugin will be available every time, the streaming service opted to end support for the browser.

Officially launched in October 2008, Spotify is an audio and video streaming service developed by Spotify AB. Operating under the freemium model, which means that the basic services are free, while additional services are accessible via subscription, Spotify is used by many countries via its web service or its downloadable app.

Despite its success, the service has been subjected to several criticisms and backlashes. Several security breaches in 2009 and 2014, a privacy policy backlash in 2015, a Play-for-Play practice allegation in 2015 and a recent "fake artist" controversy since 2016, are among the hurdles the Spotify had through the years. 


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