'Madam Secretary' Season 4 Premiere: Fake News Connected Elizabeth To Murder

By Tania Gutierrez | Sep 20, 2017 07:16 AM EDT

Fake news and how it will affect Elizabeth McCord will be addressed in the upcoming season premiere of “Madam Secretary.” She will be facing a big predicament when news begins to surface that connects her to a man’s murder in the episode titled “News Cycle.”

Based on the synopsis, while the Secretary of State (Tea Leoni) is in a meeting at the U.N. General Assembly, the Timor-Leste assistant vice minister dies. The body will be suspiciously ordered to be brought back to his country by its president. Soon after, Elizabeth is being accused of murdering the man according to Cartermatt.

EP Barbara Hall explains that they did use the term “fake news” in the episode. They actually showed how fake news is generated, why and how it can be used as a political weapon reports Entertainment Weekly. “Fake news is not a story that is going away any time soon. We show how it happens, where it comes from, and we go beyond the party shouting ‘fake news’ at each other,” she added.

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The “Madam Secretary” episode will also make a reference on how fake news takes off on social media. Hall said that they will show how it allows fake news to be possible, how quickly, and how hard of a thing to deal with.

Elizabeth will undergo interrogation as the international community demands justice for the man’s death. Aside from proving her innocence, the government also needs to know who started the fake news and the motives behind it.

“Madam Secretary” spoilers for the new season indicate that it will not only be Elizabeth who will be facing major problems in the upcoming season 4. Nadine (Bebe Neuwirth) will be in trouble because of her boyfriend Mike (Kevin Rahm) once again. He previously clashed with Elizabeth and there is a possibility that they will have another messy standoff in the coming season.

There are speculations that Nadine will either break things off with Mike or leave the State Department. Which will it be? Find out when “Madam Secretary” returns for its fourth season on October 8 on CBS.


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