May 25, 2018 / 6:39 PM

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Jake Gyllenhaal Finally Talks About Taylor Swift (Sort Of): Plays Boston Marathon Survivor



Aside from being a well-known actor, producer and Oscar nominee, there is another thing that Jake Gyllenhaal is famous for. He is also Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend. Gyllenhaal was put in the hot seat in an interview with Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, who he portrays in a biographical drama.

During the Facebook Live portion, the two were discussing their favorite Boston-based movies and restaurants before Bauman shifted the conversation to the actor’s famous ex. He asked, "If you lost your legs in real life, do you think Taylor Swift would write a song about it?"

 Gyllenhaal, who is not a stranger to fielding questions about the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer, fielded his own question to clarify whether the song would be for him or about the situation reports E! News. "For you. Like a country song," Bauman said. The actor, 38, smartly answered, "She sort of moved more into pop now."

Among the many jokes shared between the two was one of Bauman revealing his disappointment that Ryan Reynolds was not the one to play him in the movie about his life. He even deadpanned that Reynolds would have done better than Gyllenhaal.

The actor just shook his head and laughed but did not respond to this. He however got his turn when he asked the runner his favorite Boston-based movie besides “Steel Magnolias.” However, when Gyllenhaal said he might be following Bauman’s footsteps and run a marathon himself, the runner quipped if it was possible for the actor to run without his “pack of bodyguards.”

Gyllenhaal dated Swift briefly for three months in 2010. It is widely believed that her songs “All Too Well” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” are about him according to Us. Gyllenhaal rarely responds to questions about his history with Swift. He would often shut down questions by saying that he “would love to not talk about my personal life.”

Even Jake’s sister, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, has not been spared from questions about the Grammy award winning singer. No thanks to Swift’s 2012 song where she mentioned leaving a scarf at Maggie’s home. The actress said on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” that it’ totally possible that it happened. She added that she had been asked what happened to the scarf before.

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