'The Blacklist' Season 5: Reasons Why Tom Kept Suitcase From Liz Known; Will It Ruin Reunion?

By Tania Gutierrez | Oct 02, 2017 06:24 AM EDT

The biggest moment in “The Blacklist” Season 5 premiere happened during the final moments. That’s when Liz (Megan Boone) was reunited with Tom (Ryan Eggold). He had the mysterious suitcase with him and was ready to hand it over to Liz when she told him the identity of her real dad.

The suitcase, which contains pieces of skeleton of an unknown person, was supposed to be delivered to Liz. It was the last instruction that Mr. Kaplan gave to Tom. But, when Tom learned that Red (James Spader) is Liz’ biological dad, he scooted it under a table. Why Tom did this is the burning question that is now in everybody’s mind.

Many “The Blacklist” Season 5 spoilers indicate that the skeletal remains contained in the suitcase were that of Liz’ mom. Series creator Jon Bokenkamp says that it is only one among many theories and refuses to reveal more. He said that all he can say is that the skeleton inside the suitcase really will become a character of its own in the new season.

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As to the reason why Tom chose not to show Liz the suitcase, Bokenkamp thinks that it could be because Mr. Kaplan had no idea that it would be revealed to Liz that Red is her father. That changes everything since it will bring Liz and Red closer than ever. Also, Tom is suspect of Red since he is known to “constantly weaving stories and misrepresenting the truth and isn't to be trusted” reports TV Line.

Also, Tom feels that if he tells Liz about the bones in the suitcase, Red might manipulate the situation in a way that the truth behind the suitcase remains hidden. Tom thinks that he should get to the bottom of the mystery of the bones and will later tell Liz the truth. Bokenkamp said that Tom’s actions are out of his love for Liz reports TV Guide.

So, will Tom get to show Liz the suitcase? Bokenkamp would not say anything except to tell fans to just continue watching “The Blacklist” Season 5.

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