June 20, 2018 / 8:53 AM

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Bob Dylan Hair is Given to Black Keys Guitarist Dan Auerbach's Ex-Wife in Divorce Settlement


In the world of tabloid news and rock revival news, it's been all about the divorce between White Stripes guitarist Jack White and his wife, Karen Elson. During the coverage of that unfortunate happening, one bit that made news was the revelation of e-mails in which White refers to Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys as an "a--hole." It's also sad that Auerbach, the frontman for the next biggest band in the revival scene behind the Stripes, is also going through a divorce. And his also comes with a bizarre headline. 

The official documents detailing the settlement between Auerbach and Stephanie Gonis are rather specific in detailing who gets what. Gonis will receive "$5 million," 1 "2012 Toyota Highlander," and "Bob Dylan Hair." Yes, the locks of singer/songwriter Bob Dylan apparently was one of the major bones of contention during the split. There has been no comment from either party how the couple came upon such an interesting and curious piece of memorabilia. 

The good news for Auerbach is that Dylan is still alive and touring, and still possesses a good deal of hair. Therefore the rocker can replace what he lost, with some luck. The band last released a record in 2011, "El Camino," and there's been no word as to when fans can expect another release. 

It's not the first time that pieces of rock star bodies have made headlines during the previous two days either. A dentist who purchased a tooth belonging to former Beatle John Lennon announced on Tuesday that he planned on attempting to extract DNA from said tooth. We only know of three uses for DNA: curing diseases, studying genetics, and cloning. The first two don't really apply to Lennon, which leaves the third, which horrifies us. 

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