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George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' to Come in Vinyl Deluxe Box Set at 50th Anniversary

George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' to Come in Vinyl Deluxe Box Set at 50th Anniversary

Buzz 14:07PM EDT

An upcoming deluxe vinyl set is coming for George Harrison's hit album this April!READ MORE

Making the Band: Guitars, Bass, Drums - What Are The Positions?

Making the Band: Guitars, Bass, Drums - What Are The Positions?

Exclusives 20:11PM EDT

Most bands or music ensemble groups follow a consistent configuration. Perhaps the most common is the four-piece group composed of two guitarists, one bassist, and one drummer.READ MORE

Artists Against Spotify: Why They Don't Like The Streaming Service?

Artists Against Spotify: Why They Don't Like The Streaming Service?

Exclusives 09:59AM EDT

While many turn to Spotify to hear music from their favorite artists, not all musicians are in favor of the streaming service. Here are some of the artists who decided not to have their discography on Spotify and the reasons why.READ MORE

UK In Sixth Week Of Coronavirus Lockdown

Today in Music History (July 17): "Yellow Submarine" in 1968; Lennon's battle in 1974

Exclusives 08:00AM EDT

Today in music history, July 17, marks two events in Beatles history. First was the premiere of their animated film "Yellow Submarine" in 1968. Six years later, in 1974, it was reported that Lennon was told to leave the United States.READ MORE

McCartney's Cavern

4 Songs Paul McCartney Wrote For Other Artists

Exclusives 19:48PM EDT

However, aside from being behind most of The Fab Four's successful hits, Macca himself also wrote songs for others aside from The Beatles. Here are four songs, mostly written by Paul McCartney himself, for other artists:READ MORE


5 Rock and Roll Icons [Including Queen] to be Immortalized in Stamps

Buzz 02:41AM EDT

There is a rare and unexpected honor bestowed upon the legends of rock and roll - stamps. To list down the chosen few to have this honor, here are the other rock icons immortalized through postage stamps either in the UK or here in the US:READ MORE

“I Want Justice:” Paul McCartney Speaks Out About George Floyd

Buzz 22:58PM EDT

Paul McCartney has spoken about George Floyd's death. The Beatle expressed support for the victims of racism and called for justice in a Facebook post Friday, June 5.READ MORE

Wu Tang Clan's

5 of the Most Expensive Records Ever Sold

Exclusives 05:56AM EDT

Every once in a while, a piece of music becomes so rare that it stands on the league of Greek sculptures and classical paintings. Here are five of the most expensive records ever sold.READ MORE

The Grandma Drummer Who Supported The Beatles

Meet Britain's Got Talent's Grandma Drummer Who Toured With The Beatles

Buzz 23:05PM EDT

Britain's Got Talent has featured a number of amazing characters over its fourteen seasons, the latest being 76-year-old Crissy Lee who will be playing her drums on its latest episode Saturday, May 16.READ MORE

Prince, a prolific guitarist singing with one of his iconic instruments.

Auction Items from Prince, Beatles and Oasis Lyrics Will Be Up for Sale

Off-Key 09:16AM EDT

Prince’s “Blue Cloud” guitar, handwritten Beatles songs of Paul McCartney, a rare journal from Jim Morrison are part of Music Icons 2020 Auction.READ MORE

Yellow Submarine

The Beatles' Movie "Yellow Submarine" to Come Out in YouTube on April 25

Buzz 08:18AM EDT

Sing-a-long with the legendary band, The Beatles, tomorrow, April 25.READ MORE


G-Eazy Breathes New Life To The Beatles' "I'm So Tired."

Buzz 09:01AM EDT

Bay Area rapper-songwriter G-Eazy unexpectedly released a cover of The Beatles' 1968 somber single, "I'm So Tired," in his YouTube channel.READ MORE

The Blue Album

5 Must-Have Vinyls for Every Beatles Fan

Exclusives 22:44PM EDT

Although The Beatles have only lasted for eight years, from Ringo's joining in 1962 to Paul's surprise announcement in 1970, their music still lives on. To keep the Beatlemania alive and kicking, here are the must-have vinyls for every Beatles fan.READ MORE

The Fab Four

50 Years Ago: Looking Back at the Events That Led to The Beatles' Breakup

Buzz 08:31AM EDT

The Beatles have become the icon of the communal spirit that revitalized the cultural revolution of the 60s; that's why fans around the world found the news hard to believe at first. As the infamous breakup remains a heated topic for discussion, official sources agree that The Beatles going their separate ways came as the result of different reasons.READ MORE

Billboard Hot 100

Lightning Strikes Twice: Songs Topping the Billboard Hot 100 Twice

Exclusives 07:00AM EDT

Some songs, perhaps due to memorable lyrics or catchy tunes, manage to reach the top spot not just once, but twice - and under different artists. Here are the nine songs to ever reach this uncommon milestoneREAD MORE

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