July 20, 2018 / 1:55 PM

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A$AP Yams Talks Mob Album Delay, Calls 2014 Worst Year In Rap After Rocky Takes Shots At Hood By Air, Been Trill



Fans have been patiently waiting for an A$AP Mob album but according to A$AP Yams, it won't be happening anytime soon as the album has been delayed indefinitely. During a recent interview, Yams called 2014 the worst year of rap and discussed plans for the rap collective following A$AP Rocky's shots at Hood By Air and Been Trill

"We're just working on his new album, Rocky's sophomore album, and looking forward to the future," Yams said when asked what's next for the Mob. "The Mob album kind of got pushed to the side right now. Everyone was putting their energy into their solo projects. Everyone in the Mob right now has a solo project and Rocky looking to bust that door back open with his new s--t. People are not ready, sonically, [for] what we have in store for them." 

And apparently things didn't pan out the way they were supposed to for the collective album, according to what Yams told XXL

"The people will find out when it's time to find out," he said. "That's not the focus for us right now. The album took a turn creatively, like, four different times. When it came down to it, it didn't sound the way we wanted it to sound: perfection. We set a bar for ourselves with Live.Love.A$AP. We got to make sure we follow that bar the best way we possibly can. So everybody is putting their own energy toward their solo projects — NastTwelvy and Ant. The point guard and shooting guard putting together their sophomore projects together. Let's just start bombing these muthaf--kas with solo albums." 

Stay tuned for more updates and read more from A$AP Yams' interview here

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