ICYMI, South Park has taken an odd turn during the past two episodes while it explores the depths of gender identity through the pop singer Lorde.

Notice we didn't say ICLMI, because Lorde definitely didn't miss it.

The "Royals" singer got lumped into a Park episode at the beginning of October when character Randy Marsh claimed that he worked with Lorde's uncle, so he could obtain her musical services for a pizza party.

After Cartman and company save the world from gluten destruction (long story), "Lorde" shows up to perform in celebration.

But the plot thickened in this week's episode, when it's revealed that Randy is actually the 17 year-old pop star with a crazy past.

Our own Ryan Book explained thusly: Randy's own story starts in a bathroom, where he records his thoughts, adds a drum loop and autotune to create hits. The record label keeps his secret and he makes huge paydays. It ties into the ultimate theme of the episode however, as Randy wrestles with the man he is and the female version of himself that the world loves.

Book also writes that, while Lorde took some shots in the episode, it was a "rare case where [show creators] Matt Stone and Trey Parker seem to genuinely appreciate a celebrity. Sharon gives Randy an impassioned speech toward the end of the episode where she predicts why the world loves the pop star so: It's someone making honest music and not having to feign horniness to appeal to listeners."

The real Lorde found out about all of this and responded on social media:

She also posted a few choice scenes on Instagram, and you can hear her laugh during this clip:


 also omgggg remorseful hat journalist el oh el

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