Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are familiar with the often strained relationship between Kyle and Kim Richards. In between juggling a large family and a few businesses Kyle has made it a priority to keep tabs on Kim, who has struggled with substance abuse. Kim basically has used her animals as a form of therapy, but in recent weeks, there have been rumors that she might have slipped off the wagon again. If so, things would likely have been already strained last Saturday when Kim's dog went crazy on Kyle's 18-year old daughter, Alexia Umansky.

According to a TMZ report, one of Kim's pit bull's went into attack mode with absolutely no warning and Umansky was bit in several places. One particular bite on her right hand was so severe that it required immediate surgery and will still need a second procedure. Kyle confirmed on Twitter that her daughter had been attacked by a dog but neglected to mention that it was actually her sisters' pet that wounded her daughter.

Last season on RHOBH's there was a scene where Kim was working with a dog trainer in an attempt to get her pit bull under control and the dog won that round by attacking the poor guy on camera. Sources say that even after Umansky spent a few days in the hospital, Kim was still hiding out at her home, with the dog. Apparently animal control has yet to be called, but we're guessing that all is definitely not well between Kyle and Kim.

What would you do if a family members dog attacked your child? Would you push for it to be put down? Are you surprised that Kyle didn't call animal control? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!