Jordan Cashmyer was featured in an episode of MTV's 16 & Pregnant that aired last June that left viewers a bit stunned. At the time she was pregnant with her daughter Genevieve and homeless in Maryland. Since having her baby last March, Cashmyer did finally secure a roof over her head, but other things fell apart. First she confirmed that she had started working in a Baltimore strip club, and now she admits her temporary silence on social media was due to a suicide attempt and subsequent hospitalization.

Rather than letting rumors spin out of control, Cashmyer addressed the situation herself, writing on Facebook:

"I have been struggling with a lot of different things emotionally since I had Genevieve. I was diagnosed with post partum depression and was on medication for a little while for it, but I never followed up with my appointment... My mood wouldn't stay stable for very long, I was extremely impulsive, couldn't focus, the smallest things would set me off, and my anxiety got worse, as did my depression and OCD."

The young mom has stabilized, and finally on Tuesday, Nov. 4, doctors decided she could leave the hospital. The medication is finally starting to level her out and Cashmyer no longer feels like her life is doomed.

"I am now on medication and feeling great. I feel like my normal self; happy, smiling, talkative and thinking clearly... Things really are looking up and I am set on having the best possible future for my daughter and I," she explained.

Do you think Cashmyer would have ended up in the same situation if she hadn't been prominently featured on the reality show? Is it a coincidence that nearly every teen who has done one of MTV's shows has ended up in a fairly dismal, desperate situation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.