Melissa Rivers has been working hard to move on from the untimely death of her beloved mother Joan Rivers back in September. We now know that the circumstances surrounding the comedienne's death were likely due to mistakes made by the healthcare professionals that she was trusting and that Melissa has already hired a bulldog law firm to insist on some level of legal accountability. This is one of Melissa's top priorities right now but she also realizes that life must go on so she's going to celebrate Thanksgiving exactly as Joan would have.

Over the years Joan had developed a handful of good friends in NYC that were inevitably alone on the holidays, so she took it upon herself to host Thanksgiving dinner at her plush condo. Rather than spending the day grieving her mother, Melissa is instead going to continue the tradition in Joan's honor.

A source tells Page Six, "Melissa is hosting the dinner in honor of Joan, and to continue a tradition she did every year. Joan would welcome her friends, relatives and anyone who might not have family members in New York to a Thanksgiving dinner at her home. Her table seats 50 people, and each year everyone had to stand up and tell the table what they were thankful for. This year, it will be sad without Joan, but Melissa wants the occasion to be a happy one, to remember her mother and everything she did for other people."

It makes sense that Melissa would still have family and friends gather just as they would have if Joan were still alive. She seems to consider her mother, or what she would have done in nearly every important situation still. Do you think that trying to remain connected to Joan in every way possible is what is getting Melissa through right now?