June 20, 2018 / 1:29 AM

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Tommy Lee Joins Deadmau5 on 'Coffee Run' YouTube Show, Confirms Being Banned From Coachella



In a segment vaguely similar to Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Deadmau5 now has his own driving-to-get-coffee show on YouTube called "COffee RuN." It has a similar premise to Seinfeld's show: two celebrity buds go grab a cup of coffee and chat.

Yesterday, he posted a 24-minute video with Tommy Lee as his guest. The two drive around in his Mustang and talk about driving cars, giving up valuable items (Lee gave away his first gold record), how they want to "go out" on top, what it's like wearing a mask and the awesomeness of morph suits. Eventually (at the 7:15 mark), they end up admitting to having been banned from Coachella.

They recount arriving at the 2010 Coachella:

"That was insane. Unbelievable," Lee says.

"Dude, what? We just landed a helicopter in the middle of a field with a burning van," Deadmau5 adds. "...We take off and this mini van spontaneously bursts into fire. All the fire department shows up."

We're going to assume that these two won't be playing Coachella anytime soon. At first this incident was just a rumor, but it looks like the two have officially confirmed it. From what they say, some promoter named "Toilette" got pretty upset about the whole scene.

Watch the full video here, and leave us your comments below!

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