June 20, 2018 / 4:57 PM

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Porter Robinson chooses Astralwerks (home of Deadmau5) as label for much-hyped debut album


One of the most hyped-names in EDM music, or any music for that matter, has finally found a home label. In fact, house producer Porter Robinson ended up choosing Astralwerks to avoid the focus on EDM. 

"The thing that was most critical for us in deciding which home to have was that they get the vision," Robinson told Billboard. "There are a lot of labels out there that want to have the next big EDM thing and that's totally not what the album is about at all. It kind of lives more in the alternative space than in the dance world. I needed a team of people who had experience with both worlds." 

In short, expect something that will have some sort of genre-crossing appeal, as Avicii's True. Which isn't to say that Robinson sounds anything like Avicii, but sources have indicated that there are songs loaded to become singles on the yet-unnamed album. "It's got hits-plural," said one record executive who got an exclusive listen to the near-complete album.  

Astralworks isn't totally removed from EDM either; The label already represents Deadmau5, and broke The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim during the '90s. 

Details of the deal between the company and Robinson haven't gotten out yet, but Astralwerks did refer to it as "one-term," suggesting multiple albums, and possibly some degree of the performer's touring. An actual release date hasn't been given yet, but 2014 is expected. 

Robinson has spent 2013 cutting his teeth (sharper than they already were) by touring with Tiesto and Skrillex, as well as producing remixes for Lady Gaga. 

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