Freak accidents can be scary, and no one knows that better than soap star Lindey Godfrey today, Feb. 3. The actress, who portrays Caroline Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful was walking in L.A. yesterday, Feb. 2, when a car careened onto the sidewalk after first hitting another car. The vehicle not only injured Godfrey, but she was pinned beneath the car until a bystander helped to get her out of the wreckage.

The actress was first reported to have had two broken legs, but according to a report by People, the damage is to her ankles and thankfully a full recovery is expected. Godfrey did undergo surgery not long after arriving at the hospital, but considering the situation, it sounds like she is really lucky not to have sustained even worse injuries.

The soap star's character is smack in the middle of a major story line on B&B, so the powers-that-be have rearranged taping schedules for the next few days and will decide from that point on what to do. There is no indication of whether they will choose to do a temporary recast of Caroline, while Godfrey recovers or just rework those scenes a little so she might be able to work on a limited basis.

As soon as the news of Godfrey's accident broke, the love and support from her coworkers and fans began pouring in. When she is not appearing on the soap, Godfrey is chasing after her 7-month-old daughter Aleda with fiance Robert Adamson.

Since we already know Godfrey is likely to make a full recovery, fans can breathe a little easier, but what do you think B&B will decide to do about her character for the short term? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.