June 19, 2018 / 4:20 PM

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ABC News Has Locked Whoopi Goldberg Into Her Contract at 'The View'



We told you last week that Rose O'Donnell quitting her job at The View really threw ABC News into a tailspin. While the conflict between her and Whoopi Goldberg went beyond palpable and often spilled out on camera in angry exchanges, the network had intended to keep O'Donnell onboard. Instead, it was going to buy Goldberg out of her current contract and apparently really did have other plans for her, according to Yahoo. Now, though, it has locked her into her contract.

According to a report by Page Six, a network insider said, "Insiders say Goldberg was set to leave the daytime show to star in Delores and Jermaine -- but due to O'Donnell's exit, ABC execs blocked Goldberg from withdrawing as moderator of The View. Delores and Jermaine follows a slacker who moves in with his ex-cop grandmother. Whoopi had the offer to play Delores, but ABC pulled the offer right before Presidents Day weekend."

Of course, when asked Goldberg has minimized any conflict at all. She admitted that ABC has a prime-time project for her and she is also pretty anxious to find her way onto the set of Empire. While she praised working on The View, Goldberg admits that it is hard to juggle shows and seemed to indicate that she would prefer to be in just one place at a time.

For now, it looks like that place is going to be The View, especially if her contract is locked in and the offer to hop to a new prime-time gig was withdrawn. While she is wise not to bite the hand that is currently feeding her, since The View is confirmed to be a sinking ship headed for cancellation, don't you think she was probably ready to move on? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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