Today is Rolling Stone's guitarist Keith Richard's 70th birthday. Interestingly, in 1971, Richard's basically said he didn't plan to make it to 70 years old. "Who says you've got to live threescore and ten years? There's only one source of information I know that says that, and even that doesn't say everybody's got to make it. Everybody can't make 70. I can't imagine what it's like, to be 70. When I was 20 I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be 28."

To celebrate the unbelievable feat of making it this far despite a life of hard partying, a design company in St. Louis, Missouri called Tremendousness Collective has produced a ridiculous birthday video that parodies the "Twelve Days of Christmas" with random facts about Richards' life.

The song is called "Twelve Days of Keefmas" and the company has even written an annotated guide with sources for the trivia references in the song. For example, the "partridge in a palm tree" is a reference to when he fell out of a palm tree in 2006 and fractured his skull. The "three snorts of dad" refers to his claim that he snorted his dad's ashes. "No bloody cheese!" refers to his extreme hatred of cheese. We won't give all of them away, so check your guide if you're lost.

In a Riverfront Times article, Tremendousness Collective co-founder Billy Keaggy explains his reason for making the video.

"First, we wanted to make something interesting for the holidays," he told them. "We're a new design company and sending out fun, self-initiated projects at the end of the year is something we've always liked to do -- and we wanted to make sure our first one was both interesting and weird. Our project manager Lisa Vorst is a huge Keith Richards fan, and I think she half-jokingly suggested we include Keith in the holiday project. We discussed other ideas but it didn't take long to settle on Keefmas. After that, the whole thing basically wrote itself, although it was a real struggle to keep it around a PG-13 level."

Check out the video for yourself here, and leave your "Happy Birthday" messages in the comments section below!

Merry Keefmas from The Tremendousness Collective! from tremendous on Vimeo.

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