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Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow Final Album To Feature Johnny Cash, Keith Richards, And Stevie Nicks

Genres 07:27AM EDT

Sheryl Crow collaborated with her favorite artist in her upcoming album due to come out in 2019. She also discussed why she decided to release a final album.READ MORE

Keith Richards Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards Says America Has To Get Rid Of Donald Trump

Buzz 07:47AM EDT

Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards recalled the first time they worked with Donald Trump in 1989. The encounter angered the lyricist/guitarist so much that he stabbed a table and threatened to hurt the billionaire.READ MORE

Rolling Stones

Keith Richards Jokes Mick Jagger Should Get A Vasectomy

Buzz 07:09AM EDT

Keith Richards made a comment about Rolling Stones singer-songwriter Mick Jagger, who welcomed his eighth child last year. The legendary guitarist immediately regretted his comment and apologized to his bandmate.READ MORE

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones Extends No Filter Tour, Announces First London Concerts In 5 Years

Buzz 07:53AM EDT

The Rolling Stones confirmed to perform in London starting this May. The group members also announced the extension of their No Filter tour.READ MORE

Keith Richards

Keith Richards on The Future of The Rolling Stones, Hints at Potential Album

Buzz 19:34PM EDT

Keith Richards is talking the future of The Rolling Stones in a new interview, and he is even hinting at a potential album. The interview was to promote his documentary on BBC2 entitled "Keith Richards: The Origin Of The Species," which will air this upcoming Saturday (July 23).READ MORE


Drake's Twitter Account Hacked Following Keith Richards, Tame Impala, Bon Iver and Katy Perry

Buzz 20:46PM EDT

Drake’s Twitter account was just hacked by a user trying to promote their Snapchat. He is only the most recent in a string of celebrities that have had their accounts hacked as of late. This past weekend, Keith Richards, Tame Impala, Tenacious D and Bon Iver were all hacked. Katy Perry even reportedly had a new song leaked when hers was hacked into.READ MORE

Jack Black

Bon Iver, Tame Impala and Tenacious D's Twitter Accounts Hacked

Buzz 09:43AM EDT

A few high profile recording artists fell victim to yet another Twitter hack yesterday. Tame Impala and actor Jack Black's duo Tenacious D had their official feeds compromised along with Bon Iver and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.READ MORE

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones performs

Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Slams Adele & Rihanna for Not Writing Their Records Themselves

Buzz 16:33PM EDT

Rihanna and Adele have millions and millions of fans around the world, but don't count Keith Richards among them. In a new interview, the Rolling Stones guitarist slammed the two massive pop stars for using multiple songwriters for one record. And, in general, don't count this legendary rocker as a fan of modern pop music.READ MORE


Legendary Lead Guitarists In Rock Bands: Jimi Hendrix, Slash and More

Buzz 10:23AM EDT

The lead singers of the band who often claim all the fame, however, lead guitarists are musicians who are masters of their craft. These legendary lead guitarists in rock bands that include Jimi Hendrix and Slash are famous in their own right.READ MORE

 Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones performs live at Allphones Arena on November 12, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

Keith Richards Slams Mick Jagger's Solo Albums as Egotistical

Buzz 14:05PM EDT

Keith Richards is back at it again. Instead of taking shots against other influential classic rock groups like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Velvet Underground, the Rolling Stones guitarist put all his focus on his bandmate, Mick Jagger -- this wouldn't be the first or second time, though. The Stones guitarist recently admitted he never sat down and listened to the frontman's solo albums, but that didn't prevent him from calling the material egotistical and claiming that Jagger had "nothing to say."READ MORE

Keith Richards

Keith Richards Releases Music Video for "Love Overdue" From 'Crosseyed Heart' [WATCH]

Buzz 21:10PM EDT

Keith Richards released his long awaited solo album, 'Crosseyed Heart', earlier this year filled with bluesy, riff based songs, but his latest single, "Love Overdue," is a stylistic shift for the Rolling Stones guitarist, who is releasing the animated music video for its debut today.READ MORE

The Rolling Stones, Getty Images

Rolling Stones to Recording New Songs in December Says Guitarist Ronnie Wood

Buzz 09:19AM EDT

As members of The Rolling Stones have previously hinted, the band will head back into the studio this December to start recording new songs, according to guitarist Ronnie Wood in a new interview.READ MORE

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones Announce America Latina Ole Tour 2016 with 12 New Dates

Buzz 16:39PM EDT

Although the iconic classic rock group has yet to put out a studio album since 2005's A Bigger Bang, The Rolling Stones decided to hit the touring circuit once more with a freshly announced Latin American tour slated for next year, America Latina Olé Tour.READ MORE

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Details Keith Richards, Rolling Stones Collaborations, Slams Lion Tattoo Critics

Buzz 13:00PM EDT

"Thinking Out Loud" singer Ed Sheeran recently detailed what it's like to hang around with the Rolling Stones veteran Keith Richards and slammed the tons of critics of his latest giant lion tattoo on his chest. Earlier in the summer on June 28, Sheeran joined the Rolling Stones on stage for their Kansas City gig and following the show, the musicians spent some down time together.READ MORE

Keith Richards

Keith Richards Talks 'Crosseyed Heart' With Superfan Marc Maron on WTF Podcast

Buzz 12:43PM EDT

Keith Richards holds a special place in Marc Maron's heart for his lifestyle, his music and his attitude. The WTF podcaster had a chance to talk to 'The Rolling Stones' guitarist in an interview posted Monday that spanned his career in music from early influences to his new solo record 'Crosseyed Heart.'READ MORE

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