July 18, 2018 / 10:17 PM

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Rebecca Black 'Saturday' hits Billboard Hot 100 after viral video goes big



She's baaaaaaaack.

Rebecca Black, the teen sensation known best for her 2011 viral video hit "Friday" released an official follow-up single, fittingly titled "Saturday" on Dec. 7. And, like the unintentionally hilarious song that preceded it, "Saturday" has now made impact on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Black song debuted at No. 55 on the chart this week, nestled snuggly in between "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel from the Disney film Frozen and Martin Garrix's EDM hit "Animals."

According to Billboard, the song, which is a collaboration with fellow YouTuber Dave Days, received 3.3 million streams over the last tracking week and sold 3,000 downloads. Since then, however, "Saturday" has continued to build. The clip has nearly 17 million views on YouTube as of press time.

"Saturday" at No. 55 has already beaten the record that "Friday" set -- Black's first viral video only rose to No. 58. However, that was in 2011 before Billboard's Hot 100 started taking YouTube views into its formula, so there's no telling what apex that insanity that "Friday" could have reached.

However, that's not to discount the validity of "Saturday"'s success. The track is notably better produced and actually has a fun sing-song beat. Of course, as a song titled "Saturday," it has plenty of references to Black's ARK Music Factory hit, including "Gotta Have My Bowl" written on some cereal, "So Excited" in the sand and "Fun, Fun, Fun" scribbled on someone's forehead.

Watch "Saturday" below.

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