Kelly Clarkson continues to roll out new music from her upcoming album Piece By Piece. After the release of "Heartbeat Song" last month and the Sia-penned "Invincible" on Monday, today (Feb. 24), Clarkson released a touching ode to her husband, Brandon Blackstock, in the love ballad title track.

"Piece By Piece" dives into Clarkson's personal life, as she opens up about her father who left her family when she was a young girl before comparing him to her newfound love, husband and daughter River Rose.

"And all I remember is your back / Walking toward the airport, leaving us all in the past / I traveled 1500 miles to see you / Begged you to want me but you didn't want to / But piece by piece, he collected me / Up off the ground when you were bending things / Piece by piece he filled the holes you left in me at six years old," Clarkson sings with notable emotion, against a marching snare drum.

Clarkson praises Blackstock, saying that he loves her for who she is and for her family, not for her money.

All at once, the song is a biting burn at Clarkson's father (whom she also took on in "Because of You") and a loving ode to what a husband and parent should be. Clarkson pulls it off not because of the personal nature of the song, but because of how much she sells her message.

Listen to Kelly Clarkson's "Piece By Piece" from the album of the same name, via Direct Lyrics:

"Piece By Piece" is the third track to be released of Clarkson's album of the same name and Direct Lyrics reports that she will be releasing one new song every day now through Friday.

Piece By Piece will be released on March 3.