July 17, 2019 / 5:33 PM

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Everyone Is Pressuring Tyga To Dump Kylie Jenner Until She Turns 18



Kylie Jenner's relationship with Tyga has been catching heat from all sides this past week, thanks to Kanye West deciding to confirm in a radio interview that the couple is "in love". It's not that the Kardashian family has any real issue with the 17-year-old dating a guy who is 25, they just don't want the fans to lash out. Unfortunately, it's a little late for that and now Tyga's feeling some pressure to end things with Jenner.

Since her 18th birthday is coming up this August, both Tyga's team and Kris Jenner have strongly recommended that the couple take a breather for a few months. According to a report by Hollywood Life, "Tyga has been pressured by some of his people and record company execs to distance himself from Kylie at least till her 18th birthday in August. They don't want him to get any public backlash for his relationship with her. But Tyga loves Kylie and Kylie loves Tyga. They don't care what the haters say, they have a special connection and that's all that matters. It did frighten her that Tyga may be convinced by his people to leave her. But Tyga has totally got Kylie's back and isn't going anywhere because of people dissing their relationship. He has made sure Kylie knows that too!" says the insider.

Here's the thing, he may be holding his ground now, but if the label or other execs threaten to make a move that would impact Tyga's career, do you really think that he'll throw it all away for Jenner? She kind of has the upper hand in that she has family money and a few clothing deals with her sister, Kendall Jenner. But she doesn't have a solid career to lose so for Jenner it's a whole lot easier to tryand ignore the backlash and focus on convincing Tyga to stick around.

Do you think that this romance is going to last for much longer? Or is Tyga going to come to his senses and realize there's just too much at stake to risk everything for a teenager? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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