A classic '90s soundtrack is seeing a rerelease on vinyl as Universal Music will drop Clueless to celebrate the classic comedy's 20th anniversary, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The soundtrack was one of the major hints, at least to people who couldn't figure out the film's satirical angle, that the film was serving as a mock-up of Beverly Hills culture. The lineup features alternative icons such as Radiohead ("Fake Plastic Trees") as well as more popular hip-hop acts including Coolio ("Rollin with the Homies") and the Beastie Boys ("Mullet Head"). Critics approved of its emphasis on rock acts fronted by female members, such as The Muffs and Luscious Jackson.

Although we immediately assumed that the vinyl had to be in hot pink, Universal one-upped us and and announced that it would be pressed in a black-and-yellow plaid pattern, paying tribute to the iconic skirt-and-blazer combination worn by protagonist Cher Horowitz (and later saluted during Iggy Azalea's now famous "Fancy" video).

For better or for worse, it seems the new vinyl press will only be available at Urban Outfitters, according to Rolling Stone.

Although Clueless has never gone out of style (pun intended), it's seeing a comeback in terms of attention as it approaches the aforementioned 20th anniversary. Azalea brought the theme back into style during her video for "Fancy" with Charli XCX, where the emcee took style cues from Alicia Silverstone and company on the song's way to the biggest hit of 2014. The writer and director of the film, Amy Heckerling, told Rolling Stone that she's attempting to bring the plot to Broadway. She stated that Katy Perry had expressed interest in starring.

We won't get our hopes up too quickly.