May 23, 2018 / 10:07 PM

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Death Grips Drops Release Date for 'Jenny Death,' Video Invites Theory Band May Tour Again Soon


Death Grips has finally released the release date for its "final" album Jenny Death, formally stating that the set will drop next week. The record will be packaged as a double album titled The Powers That B, the first set of which was the previously released Niggas On The Moon, apparently (from Consequence of Sound).

The duo, MC Ride and Zach Hill, have been messing with fans heads about the release date of this album since October, when they dropped the album art (an arena videoboard fallen andy smashed into a basketball court). The group also dropped a single "Inanimate Sensation" and an instrumental album Fashion Week earlier this year, since declaring that the act was kaput as of July 2014. Still, after releasing two albums despite being no longer a band, one had to wonder if Death Grips will continue releasing music and simple not touring to support it. The duo never had that healthy of a touring toward touring anyhow.

Additional evidence to the contrary of a band in remission was a strange video released during February, which shows the band performing "Inanimate Sensation" and "Lock Your Doors" along with other new songs, presumably featured on Jenny Death. Honestly, no one knows except Death Grips. And considering they've gotten us to keep paying attention for the last year, we suppose they know what they're doing from a PR standpoint.

Anyway, here are the nine tracks listed for the new release:

01) Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States

02) Inanimate Sensation

03) Turned Off

04) Why A Bitch Gotta Lie


06) The Powers That B

07) Beyond Alive

08) Centuries of Damn

09) On GP

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