Zedd has released the second track from his upcoming sophomore album True Colors. Returning to his complextro roots of old, the "Stay the Night" producer has put together an evolving, five-minute epic, aptly titled "Addicted to a Memory" featuring the vocals of Bahari. "Addicted to a Memory" starts out as one of his recent pop-leaning singles might, with soaring female vocals and a radio-ready melody over a four-on-the-floor baseline, but there is something deeper that hints Zedd is ready to change things up.

Around the 1:35 mark, the drop hits with a smattering of thumping bass and heavy, gritty synth work that gives way to nostalgic, eight-bit video game chords that were present among some of his first works, like the "Legend of Zelda" remix and "Dovregrubben." Zedd spends the last two minutes freestyling on his synths, showing off his abilities as a musician and composer, crafting something similar to a progressive metal keyboard and guitar solo. Listen to the track below.

For those who are looking for another glitzy, EDM-tinged pop tune that has the chance of getting radio play like "Clarity" or "I Want You to Know," you will be -- we hope -- pleasantly surprised.

In addition to releasing "Addicted to a Memory," Zedd has made his album True Colors available to pre-order worldwide on iTunes. The LP will be released May 19. There are only two track names revealed thus far on the 11-song album, but through his ZeddTrueColors campaign, we have learned that two others will be titled "Straight Into the Fire" and "Bumble Bee." Coincidentally enough, "Addicted to a Memory" was the first track revealed as part of the ZeddTrueColors parties and is the first song on the album.

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