Keith Urban's most recent single has gotten a lot of exposure recently. He performed that song (and got an additional solo from rocker Gary Clark Jr.) at The Grammys, and released a music video for the track on Monday. Not all the news is good however. One man took to the social media air to proclaim that the song was stolen from him

"I worked hard on 'Cop Car,'" tweeted songwriter Sam Hunt. "Everything I poured into that song was stolen from me. I unfortunately can't celebrate it being on The Grammys." 

We got excited about the thought that Urban, one of the genuinely nicest guys in any genre of music, may have actually stolen his hit single. Then we checked the album information. And saw that Hunt is listed as a songwriter, alongside Matt Jenkins and Zach Crowell. So how Urban or anyone stole it is a mystery, as Hunt is probably making around 12 cents a download for the song. And he legally agreed to those terms. 

Hunt hasn't clarified via social media or otherwise what he means. He revealed in other interviews that the details of song's plot, which involve falling in love in the back of a cop car, are based on his own life. But again, he sold those details to Urban and the Universal Music Group (through Capitol). He could be bitter that Urban will ultimately make much more money off the song than he does. But then again, Hunt included his own version of the track on his own album Between The album that probably sold less than Urban's Fuse, mind you. 

Hunt presumably isn't hurting right now. He's got another song on the radio, having written "We Are Tonight" by Billy Currington, and he also wrote Kenny Chesney's "Come Over" during 2012. 

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