Adam Lambert's new album The Original High is just a little over three weeks away, but already, the American Idol alumnus is steadily rolling out new music. After dropping "Ghost Town" and "Underground" over the last month today (May 22), two new songs have arrived in full. Glamberts can now listen to "Evil in the Night" and "Another Lonely Night."

Whereas the first two tracks from The Original High were upbeat dance numbers, "Evil in the Night" and "Another Lonely Night" bring the album back down tempo and down to Earth.

"Evil in the Night" keeps quiet in the first chorus before bringing in a funky, jazzy groove that is so prevalent in 2015 pop music. Like "Ghost Town," "Evil in the Night" explores a dark relationship, with Lambert grooving to the beat and exploding with power as he tells the tell of his evil night lover.

"Baby your love is a crime / Danger by day, but you're evil in the night," he sings in the chorus.

"Another Lonely Night" similarly finds us with a nightly heartbroken Lambert. This is the first true ballad we've gotten from this dance album thus far, with Lambert keeping the vocal sweet and small for this subdued track.

"Another night, another lonely night / I would do anything to have you by my side / Another day, another lonely night / Don't want to throw away another lonely night," Lambert belts out in the chorus, the musical peak of the song, which is filled with twinkling synth work and finger snaps.

The Original High will be released on June 16.

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