July 18, 2018 / 2:42 AM

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Icona Pop 'Emergency' Review: New Song with Erik Hassle Channels Urgent Summer Energy [LISTEN]



It's been three years since Icona Pop smashed into the international music market with its massive hit "I Love It," and now the Swedish pop duo are back with another chaotic, high energy pop single. And, you better get ready, because this is an "Emergency."

"So you want to party / So you want to dance / You better know someone that fights with one of our friends / You want to get high and shake that ass / Spinning round and round and around and round like that," the duo sings at the very top of the single, injecting a sense of, well, emergency into the big, booming vocal right at the top.

"Emergency" pulls a sensibility from the nuts world of New Orleans jazz, with a repeated piano riff playing underneath the vocals in the verse. The song speeds along from there. While the piano carries the momentum of this song, the lack of it in the pre-chorus also helps to launch "Emergency" onto a different plane. The trumpet breakdown also helps to redefine the "drop" of a pop song, and the use of it here gives "Emergency" a ridiculous, throwback vibe. You just need to soft shoe to this one.

"Emergency" gets some vocal assistance from Erik Hassle, who provides the title lyric, giving the song his own sense of urgency all the while.

Listen to Icona Pop's new single "Emergency" below:

"Emergency" is not currently attached to any major album release. However, the song is rumored to be off Icona Pop's third studio album. The duo released its latest effort This Is... Icona Pop in 2013.

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