Smash Mouth had an uncomfortable performance (or lack thereof) this weekend at Taste of Fort Collins this weekend in Colorado, when vocalist Steve Harwell got pelted with bread and then attempted to confront audience members.

As you may have gathered from the name of the event, Taste of Fort Collins emphasized food as well as music, and several audience members decided their loaves were better for antagonizing the entertainment than actually eating (the bread, admittedly, was a freebie for attendees). A couple of concertgoers lobbed the bread at the '90s icons and Harwell lost it.

He delivered a fairly epic tirade against the offending parties and the fans in general (not quite at the Bryan Price level, but getting there) and then jumped into the photo pit, ready to fight with fans. Security held him back and the gig was ultimately cancelled.

It was obviously in bad taste to throw the bread (see what we did there?) but Harwell doesn't have the best track record. You correspondent was present at a student concert sponsored by Ohio State University during 2011, which featured Smash Mouth. Harwell came across as rather intoxicated, and made out onstage with a student many years his junior.