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Steve Harwell of 'Smash Mouth'

Steve Harwell Exits 'Smash Mouth' Following 'Chaotic' Performance: REAL Reason For Frontman's Departure Revealed

Buzz 20:31PM EDT

Steve Harwell is leaving 'Smash Mouth' after their 'chaotic' performance at The Big Sip festival over the weekend.READ MORE

Steve Harwell of 'Smash Mouth'

'Smash Mouth' Vocalist Steve Harwell Threatened To Kill The Crowd's Family During New York Concert [VIDEO]

Buzz 21:23PM EDT

'Smash Mouth' recently performed at The Big Sip Festival and a TikTok user described their performance as 'chaotic.'READ MORE

Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth Vocalist Pelted With Bread, Ready to Fight About It

Buzz 12:12PM EDT

Smash Mouth had an uncomfortable performance (or lack thereof) this weekend at Taste of Fort Collins this weekend in Colorado, when vocalist Steve Harwell got pelted with bread and then attempted to confront audience members.READ MORE

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