A promotional shot featuring Taye Diggs as the title character in Hedwig and The Angry Inch has come out, featuring the actor with penciled-on eyelashes, shiny lipgloss and so much glitter. The Hollywood Reporter goes as far as to compare him with '80s pop star Grace Jones.

That, although accurate, is a somewhat unfortunate racial comparison as all Hedwigs have come dressed with the same signature blue eye makeup. Hedwig, the vocalist of the band The Angry Inch and the victim of a failed sex-change operation, has become one of the go-to roles on Broadway in recent years. Neil Patrick Harris had a run as the title character and then Dexter's Michael C. Hall stepped into the role. Diggs is just the most recent big-name actor to step into the role. Harris would win a Tony for his turn in Hedwig's shoes.

Diggs got his start on Broadway but it's been nearly a decade since he last came back to the Great White Way, last appearing as part A Soldier's Play during 2005. Hardcore theatre fans will know that Diggs debuted as part of the cast of Carousel during 1994 and then truly came to fame as a member of the original cast of Rent, along with future wife Idina Menzel, both of whom would also appear in the film version of the play.

Diggs will premiere as the title character on July 22 and is scheduled to stay in the role until at least October 22. Darren Criss, better known for his time on Glee, will play Hedwig until then. After all the hype that's gone to actors taking to role in the last few years, we're already looking forward to the next rendition of Hedwig. What Broadway star would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section...the more radical the transformation, the better!