March 20, 2019 / 2:03 AM

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Deerhoof Rocks Large Hadron Collider at CERN with Experimental Music



Rock band Deerhoof performed at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland as part of the Ex/Noise/CERN video series combining experimental music with experimental particle physics.

The band, composed of members Satomi Matsuzaki, John Dieterich, Ed Rodriguez and Greg Saunier, stood atop scaffolding and lowered guitars from large hooks while performing an improvised song amongst the many tubes and cranes of the facility.

Any science geek or general person concerned about the creation of our universe, will recognize the Large Hadron Collider as the largest particle collider in the world and the machine that scientists hope will answer some of our world's most perplexing mysteries.

The Large Hadron Collider is the largest single machine in the world and was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research, also known a CERN. The project was finished in 2008 and they are still feverishly running tests.

They also have a crackpot PR team that's always looking for new ways to peak the public's interest. Deerhoof kicked off this new series with a cacophony of sound bouncing and reverberating off the walls of the facility.

Physicist James Beacham invited the band to be inspired by the facility and the work they are doing there to accelerate particles to the fastest speed they've ever attempted in hopes of finding evidence of dark matter or whatever mysteries these experiments might unlock.

"Ex/Noise/CERN is about exploring the unknown," Beacham said on the CERN website. "During Run 2 of the LHC, we're not sure what we'll find - extra Higgs bosons, dark matter, cracks in the Standard Model - and when we brought Deerhoof to CERN, we weren't sure what they'd do in SM-18. But like the best scientists, they were curious, daring and embraced the unknown - with spectacular results."

Watch Deerhoof perform below amongst the magnets about to be installed in the facility just beneath their feet.

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