It has been a very interesting past month in the world of music. Beyond the usual shenanigans you come to expect from beefs, releases and the like, there have been some very interesting characters who have decided to release some music. Pope Francis first announced he was releasing a rock album with Gregorian chants and now famous feline, Lil Bub is prepping one of her own, Science & Magic: A Soundtrack To The Universe. Cat-based music appears to be hitting its stride right now with a new Lil Bub album and Run The Jewels reworking Run The Jewels 2 into Meow The Jewels.

This may all sound like some weird joke, but this is very real. Lil Bub and her team of musicians have been locked away in a studio recording on this piece of work.

Andrew W.K. is involved and he described the experience of recording with the famous feline.

"First of all, it should be understood that this album is a genuine musical experience. Also, it should be understood that this is not a novelty item or a cheap and disillusioning gimmick. This is a bonafide and musically gratifying concept album, which entirely emerged from the soul and spirit of Lil BUB herself. How do I know this? Because BUB told me so...."

"BUB is more than just a "muse"; she wrote this music and used the musicians on this album (BUB's dude, Mike, and his close friend Matt, who is also the official bubbysitter), as her creative vessels to get the music from inside of her spirit and into your mind. If it weren't for BUB, this music would not exist."

25 percent on the album proceeds will be donated to Lil Bub's Big Fund for the ASPCA to benefit special needs pets.

The LP is available for pre-order at various price points in different formats ranging from vinyl to digital. It will be released on Dec. 4.

Lil Bub Science & Magic: A Soundtrack To The Universe Tracklist:

1. Hello Earth
2. New Gravity
3. Assimilation
4. A Friend
5. Good Job
6. Another Village
7. Science and Magic
8. Space Sister
9. Earth Sister
10. Rebirth

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