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Andrew W.K., Getty Images

Andrew W.K. to Host Pittsburgh Penguins Game After 'Party Hard' Becomes Team Anthem

Buzz 10:25AM EDT

After Andrew W.K.'s notorious party anthem, "Party Hard," has been elected by fans as the new official goal song for the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL hockey team, the New York City rocker will host tonight's game against the New York Rangers.READ MORE

Lil Bub Science & Magic: A Soundtrack To The Universe

Lil Bub Announces Album 'Science & Magic: A Soundtrack To The Universe'

Buzz 15:36PM EDT

It has been a very interesting past month in the world of music. Beyond the usual shenanigans you come to expect from beefs, releases and the like, there have been some very interesting characters who have decided to release some music. Pope Francis first announced he was releasing a rock album with Gregorian chants and now famous feline, Lil Bub is prepping one of her own, Science & Magic: A Soundtrack To The Universe. Cat-based music appears to be hitting its stride right now with a new Lil Bub album and Run The Jewels reworking Run The Jewels 2 into Meow The Jewels.READ MORE

Lorde at BBC Radio 1

10 Best Cover Songs Of 2014: Lorde, Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus, And More [LISTEN]

Buzz 16:41PM EDT

Because cover songs don't garner nearly as much traction on the radio or the charts as they once did, artists these days treat them more like fun little experiments, where they can try out things they normally wouldn't on one of their albums or original singles. This has resulted in plenty of inventive and fascinating covers, especially this past year. Here are the year's 10 best cover songs (in no particular order).READ MORE

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill Covers Drake at VICE Anniversary, Lil Wayne, Scarlett Johansson and Nicki Minaj Perform [WATCH]

Buzz 14:13PM EDT

Celebrities and musicians alike helped VICE celebrate its 20th anniversary last night (December 5) at a music festival in Brooklyn. The house band was led by Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontman Nick Zinner. Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Andrew W.K. all performed, but the highlights came when two of Hollywood's finest busted out some karaoke. Scarlett Johansson performed New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" while Jonah Hill took on Drake's "Marvins Room,"READ MORE


Chromeo and Kill Paris to Headline Streets of San Francisco New Years Eve Party

Buzz 17:23PM EDT

Things are going to get funky in California for New Years again. Eye Heart SF will be putting on the sixth annual Streets of San Francisco NYE party and the bill includes Chromeo, Kill Paris, Viceroy and Traviswild. The event will be hosted at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion and tickets are on sale nowREAD MORE

Lauryn Hill

8 Artists Who Have Faced Songwriting Disputes: Lauryn Hill, Neil Young, And More

Exclusives 20:48PM EDT

In the last week, transcripts have been released of Robin Thicke's legal questioning regarding his "Blurred Lines" copyright infringement lawsuit, in which he reveals that Pharrell actually wrote nearly every part of the divisive hit. Songwriting credits are a famously tricky issue in the music business, as these eight artists have proven.READ MORE

Nicki Minaj

7 Musicians Who Should Get Their Own Sitcoms: Nicki Minaj, Dave Grohl, And More

Exclusives 22:22PM EDT

With the news that Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, of all people, will be developing his own sitcom on Fox, we started thinking about some other famous musicians who should also get their own sitcoms. Here are seven musicians who we think would do a pretty good job.READ MORE

Andrew W.K. at Visions (London)

Andrew W.K. Show Shut Down After Fans Invade Stage, Unplug Instruments

Genres 12:42PM EDT

Fans began to invade the stage once "Party Hard" began. While that was not enough to completely halt the show, Andrew W.K. proceeded to rile them up by counting down from 100 before the set's final song.READ MORE

Foo Fighters -

9 Great Albums That Open With Very Brief Songs: Foo Fighters, Cat Stevens, And More

Exclusives 13:49PM EDT

Earlier this week I wrote an article about albums that open with their longest song, such as David Bowie's Station to Station. These nine albums, however, pulled a completely different trick by easing listeners in with songs that are under two minutes long.READ MORE

The Flaming Lips

8 Artists Who Should Make Dance Albums: The Flaming Lips, Morrissey, And More

Exclusives 15:39PM EDT

When country legend Dolly Parton announced today that she's planning on releasing an LGBT-friendly dance album, it got me thinking about what other artists I'd love to hear dance albums from. Here are eight artists who should release dance albums, too.READ MORE

Television -

10 Great Artists Known For Just One Album: Television, Nas, And More

Exclusives 17:48PM EDT

Most artists have one album that's generally regarded as their best, but sometimes these albums are so incredible and obviously superior that the rest of the artist's discography becomes overshadowed. Here are ten great artists who are known for just one album.READ MORE

Hangout Music Festival 2014 Finale

Highlights from 2014 Hangout Music Festival Day 3: OutKast, Jack Johnson, Zedd, and more

Reviews 13:52PM EDT

Hangout Music Festival came to a close Sunday in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Sundays at music festivals always have a bit of a different vibe than the other days. It can really polarize the audience between the lame-os and the coolest people on the planet. Some people are passed out in the middle of the field from the fatigue brought on by the weekend, while others are still going 110 percent to get the most out of their weekend. The conversations overheard in the crowd are always the most interesting on Sundays, and the community between different groups of friends can spawn some interesting stories.READ MORE

Springsteen + Weinberg

8 Artists Who Would Make For Interesting Musicals: Springsteen, Bowie, and more

Exclusives 17:08PM EDT

Even though a musical based on his songs is probably the last thing he ever wanted, the music of Kurt Cobain is coming to Broadway, apparently. Nirvana's music is excellent, but if I were in charge of selecting a catalog of songs to adapt into a musical, Nirvana would be towards the bottom of my list. Here's who would be at the top:READ MORE

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