Billy Corgan has always been a little bit weird, but his latest enterprise is completely off the map, where he deleted his Twitter account and started a wacky new blog about people and their cars. Reportedly, he quit Twitter so that he'd have more time to focus on his new website, which is as random as it is varied in nature.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman bid adieu to his Twitter audience with a simple, "After mulling this for a while, I'm deleting this account. So many thanks to those that have followed. Find me at:" The tweet has since been deleted according to SPIN.

When you click on the website, the most recent photo is entitled "Golden Girls" and features four marms in front of their vintage-style car. Scroll down once more and you'll see a headline of "Interiors" with two beds and a lamp, but no car to be found. The next up is called "Monday Night Football (Parking Lot Edition)" with more vintage cars all lined up in the lot. Flash to "After Church, And Before Breakfast," where two surly looking men pose with guns in the back of a pickup truck.

There is even an email list for die-hard William Corgan fans who wish to avidly keep up with his new hipstagram style endeavor. They can even sign up to be a "Red Border Club" member. Members will have "not only the chance to receive additional images, but be 'first-in-line' for updates on new merchandise and forthcoming People And Their Cars/Hexestential books. And it's all for FREE: with no catch, fees, or obligations," as listed by the site if they join the RBC.

This is the latest of several ventures, which included a stint in pro-wrestling, some musical theatre and how he once played an 8-hour concert completely based on Siddhartha, a novel by Herman Hesse, according to Consequence Of Sound.

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