May 22, 2018 / 11:32 PM

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Quincy Jones speaks out on the current state of music and he's not too impressed by Lil Wayne



Quincy Jones' musical era is a pretty tough act to follow but the legendary producer says he is not impressed with the music that has been released as of late.

During a candid interview with The National, Jones spilled the beans on his true feelings on the current talent in the music industry and he gave a very blunt answer.

"Music has gone so far down lately because everyone is going after the money," Jones explained. "People are making songs to sell all sorts of things such as tires, clothes and alcohol. When you go after the money, God walks out of the room, trust me. I never went out after the fame and money. I was just doing what I loved and the money came. You gotta do what you love and really believe in it because that is your truth. I plan to stay like that."

But there was one person in particular that Jones admits he doesn´t care too much for.

"Let's get real, man. When you come from the era of Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, it gets hard to get used to Lil Wayne. I just can't handle it," Jones said.

However, Jones did say when it comes to today´s music, it´s not all bad.

"There are some good singers out there. Mary J. Blige can sing, so can Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. I know who they are. I also know who they aren't, too."

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