June 18, 2018 / 11:03 PM

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[WATCH] Jimmy Kimmel's Hilarious Halloween Video Prank on Kids, "Ate All the Candy"



Though the Halloween candy prank on kids across America is nothing new, it seems to never get old. Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel proves just how hilarious the, "I Told My Kids I Ate All The Halloween Candy" prank truly is. Kimmel revealed the 2015 set of video clips on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, showing the reaction of several kids who have just learned that there's no more candy because their parents ate it all.

The video, which was described as "the most anticipated" segment of his show by the late night host, was shown in its entirety on Monday Nov. 2, just after Halloween. After sorting through over one thousand submission tapes, Kimmel and his staff narrowed it down to what they believed were the best reactions from kids that believed their parents ate all of their Halloween candy, according to Us Weekly.

The expressions on the faces of the children are priceless as one child expressed how brokenhearted he was by screaming while his sister began to cry. "Mean mommy and daddy, I hate you," is what the little boy said to his mom after she told the children that she and daddy ate all of their Halloween candy while they were asleep. The remaining responses were just as hilarious. One little boy found only the wrappers from all of the eaten pieces of candy in his Halloween bucket. His response, repeated over and over again, as he sifted through the empty wrappers, was "Are you kidding me?"

The six-minute video is full of sad-faced children who are all in shock and wondering how mommy and daddy could be so cruel to eat all of their candy. One little boy's response resulted in him collapsing to the floor, falling backwards. One child became so angry that he took the empty bag that once held candy and slapped his dad across the face.

Kimmel stated that he didn't expect such a great turn out from the submissions this year, thinking that maybe the kids would no longer fall for this prank, since they've been doing it for well over four years now. That definitely was not the case. The prank still went over just as well as it did from the very beginning.

Ironically, as Time pointed out in 2011, the reactions are always just the same. "Angry and tearful reactions," both then and now, after learning that their hours of trick or treating were in vain because now the candy is gone.

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