July 19, 2018 / 7:52 AM

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Remix Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" From 'The Cutting Edge' Box Set With New Web App



Today marks the release of Bob Dylan's 12th Bootleg Series volume titled The Cutting Edge 1965-1966, and with it comes a new web app that allows fans to feel like they are in Studio A with the folk legend himself. The new web only app lets you remix "Like A Rolling Stone" so you can play with which stems are played and how the stems are mixed. Now is your chance to second-guess a legend.

The two-year span marks one of Dylan's most fruitful eras in his long illustrious career, in which he put out three of his most iconic albums: Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde.

Those sessions were recorded in such a way that it made the band sound like it was in the room with you. There was very little mixing and the tracks bled over into one another very easily, creating an authentic live experience on the record that left little room for mistakes. This is why we're at volume 12 of the Bootleg Series - Dylan has about 14 alternative takes of every song he ever put out.

That's where you come in. Columbia Records and Dylan created a web app for fans to go on and play with the various stems of those recordings. Hop on to hear the individual tracks from "Like A Rolling Stone," and experiment with what it would sound like to have no guitar, or to really blast the organ and drums above Dylan's scratchy vocals.

Stems are the four tracks they usually isolated to make the final mix and consist of a solo guitar part played by Mike Bloomfield, the piano and bass step played by Paul Griffin and Joseph Macho Jr., the drum and organ stem played by Bobby Gregg and Al Kooper and of course Dylan himself on guitar and vocals.

"Like A Rolling Stone" is the only track available for tinkering at the time but his Blond On Blond track "One of us Must Know (Sooner or Later)" is scheduled to be available for playtime soon.

Head over to the site to play with the song and learn more about the recording sessions.  Note that heavy load is apparently causing occasional time outs so if it doesn't work at first, keep trying.

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