June 18, 2018 / 1:30 PM

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5 YouTube Music App Features That Will Make You Want to Switch From Spotify



YouTube Red officially launched a couple weeks back and now users are getting a taste of one of its most game changing qualities -- YouTube Music, a new dedicated music streaming app. The app is free to download and can be used on the service's usual ad supported model, but where it really shines is for subscribers of YouTube Red, which allows users to download videos for offline use, play music in the background and in the future allow access to exclusive content. Here are five of the apps' best features that may even tempt current Spotify or Apple Music subscribers over to the video service.

1. Offline Playlists:

On paper, this didn't sound like a great idea because who wants large video files taking up all of the space on their phone? But, this turns out to be a remarkably useful feature. The playlist syncs with songs YouTube thinks you'll like from your history and users can set storage capacity limits. It's a great way to get a quick burst of songs queued on your phone before that daily commute.

2. Audio Only:

Another great way to save storage is to switch over to audio only mode, which is especially helpful since audio quality on 360p videos is awful and HD video takes up too much space. Those three options are available for playlist downloads as well as individual songs or just perusing through the massive selection of songs.

3. The Trending Tab:

Swipe to the right of the home screen and users are greeted with a page of trending videos, personalized stations and the "daily top 40," a playlist of YouTube's most buzzed about music videos. It's a great place for music discovery since it combines recorded music with live performances and all sorts of unique videos you can only get on YouTube.

4. Explore:

Many music lovers prefer to simply search for songs, which is quick and easy in the app, but at some point, we all run out of ideas. When that happens, YouTube has your back with auto-created playlists off of that song choice. Users can also adjust how adventurous they want the playlist to be with a station variety balance bar, much like Apple Music.

5. Chromecast Support:

This is a given from the Google company, but it shouldn't be underestimated how freeing it can be to simply throw up a stream of videos onto the living room TV and entertain visually and audibly for hours. Buy the $35 dongle and you're set on living room entertainment.

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