March 20, 2019 / 2:03 AM

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Knife Party Release 'Trigger Warning' EP Featuring Tom Staar, Jauz



Australian production duo Knife Party have released their first bit of music in all of 2015. The duo of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen released their debut album Abandon Ship last year and have been touring constantly on the back of that, but now they have at last finished up a four-track EP Trigger Warning. The EP is a bit different this time because it features a collaboration with Tom Staar and a remix from Jauz.

"PLUR Police" is bombastic and powerful, charging right out of the gate with booming drums, jarring synths and a pitched lead over top. Just like Knife Party love to do, the pair provide a humorous commentary on the sad state of a lot of repetitive EDM tracks that surrounds them on festival main stages. Mimicking the "Bad Boys" theme song, they add some robotic vocals, "PLUR Police, PLUR Police, What you going to do? What you going to do when they come for you?"

They then transition into "Parliament Funk" which is more robotic and true to what they are mostly known for with raucous beats and thundering bass.

They then put together a rare collaboration with Tom Staar, "Kraken," which is as large as it sounds, putting together the best of both artist's talents. Staar is a wizard with his drum samples and those exact sounds from his past tracks are heard, while Knife Party add some of their own booming sounds to the tune.

Jauz is then called upon to remix "PLUR Police" and takes it to a glitchier and more dubstep direction with some pretty jarring and fast paced bass.

The pair premiered the first track on Trigger Warning "PLUR Police" with Zane Lowe this Wednesday. They then gave a rather uneventful interview, though they didn't rule out a future with Pendulum, the drum n bass duo, while also saying that hearing all of the sh*t music at Ultra Music Festival this past year inspired them to make better stuff.

Download Trigger Warning on iTunes or Beatport

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