June 19, 2018 / 6:47 AM

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Justin Vernon Says Kendrick Lamar is "Most Important Musician Alive"



Kendrick Lamar is pretty universally beloved. His music transcends genre and classification and can be appreciated by a wide array of fans. His recent album, To Pimp A Butterfly, cemented his status as one of our generation's finest storytellers and social critics. Thus, it's not surprising that Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has vocalized his admiration for the Compton rapper. In a recent interview with celebrity chef Ashley Christensen, Vernon describes Kendrick Lamar as the "most important musician alive."

Organized by the apparel company Billy Reid, Vernon and Christensen spoke to one another as a part of the company's Fan Club series, "wherein we invite chef and musician friends, who we know share a mutual admiration, to create a list of 'burning questions' for each other."

Christensen, who owns many highly acclaimed restaurants in North Carolina, asked Vernon to name a chef and musical artist that he felt was important. She reasoned, "Most kitchen folks have a true love of music. Getting to know you and a number of our mutual pals made me realize that so many musicians hold cooks in the same high regard as we cooks hold musicians."

Vernon answered, "If I had to pick one chef, I would pick you and then I would pick Kendrick Lamar. I'd want him - he's the most important musician alive today, in my opinion - to taste the food I've tasted of yours and for you two to speak about the struggles of your cities and how culture and expression and hard work can heal basically anything."

In the interview, Vernon also states that Peanut M&M's are the most important item on his tour rider. He explained, "They can serve as a meal, a base for a night of alcoholic drinks, or just a good old-fashioned dessert." The popular folk singer also chose to side with pie in the long-standing cake vs. pie debate.

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