March 18, 2019 / 8:34 PM

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Felix Jaehn Releases EP With Remixes By Prince Fox, Phantoms



Felix Jaehn has unveiled a new, self-titled EP on Casablanca Records with three of his previously released singles "Book of Love" with Polina, "I Do" and "Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)" with Jasmine Thompson. Where things get interesting are the two remixes from two Casablanca artists, Prince Fox and Phantoms.

Prince Fox handles the first remix in the five track package, taking on Jaehn's second hit "Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)," which has already had some success in Europe. Prince Fox flips the soothing instrumental on its head and turns up the tempo with some additional percussion and a pitched up synth lead to match.

Turning things back down to the type of easy-going melodic house that is found in the three originals, Phantoms steps in to add their own twist on the "Book Of Love." The keep the soothing feel of the original, but adds some quirky synths, jazzy percussion and airy effects on Polina's voice.

Felix Jaehn got famous for his remix of "Cheerleader" but this package hopes to shine a light on the fact that he isn't a one-hit wonder. There are other tunes in his discography that have already been released that could bubble up in the same way that "Cheerleader" did into hits or at least moderate hits.

Jaehn is currently working on an album, so make sure to stay tuned for any updates on that.

Stream the full EP below and pick it up on iTunes.

1. "Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)" [feat. Jasmine Thompson]
2. "Book of Love" [feat. Polina]
3. "I Do"
4. "Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)" [feat. Jasmine Thompson] (Prince Fox Remix)
5. "Book of Love" (Phantoms Remix)

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