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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 7 Recap: Tara Wallace Baby Drama, French Montana, Old Beef [WATCH]



Welcome back! On Monday (Jan. 25), Love & Hip Hop: New York aired the seventh episode of season six, properly titled "Ups and Downs." To much surprise, this episode dealt with more personal growth than drama. Tara Wallace confronted Peter Gunz about his messy past and reveals she is pregnant with his baby, again. French Montana makes a surprise appearance during a studio session, while old beef is brought to life during a different studio session. Find out what went down last night in the full episode recap below.

The episode starts with Rah Ali meeting with stylists, Rose and Talia Coles, to talk about the drama that went down between Sexxy Lexxy and MariahLynn at her fashion show. Rah reveals the only reason she chose MariahLynn to perform at her event over Lexxy is because MariahLynn has been an established solo artist for years.

Although she's been rapping for awhile, Lexxy is new to performing solo. Rah also told the ladies about her issues with Remy Ma, admitting she's not ready to forgive or forget. Still upset by it all, she's willing to resolve things with her friend. When Rah asks if anyone has any tea to spill, Rose drops a bombshell. She reveals she's dating DJ Self. It looks like that kiss went a little further than what the cameras actually showed.

In preparation for their wedding, Remy and Papoose go cake tasting. Papoose inquires about the guest list for their ceremony. Remy admits she's concerned and frustrated with Pap's mom for not visiting her while she was in jail. She also feels like people in her family turned their back on her. Papoose believes the best thing to do is to work out all the family problems before they walk down the aisle.

Yandy Smith hits the studio with Miss Moe Money. She plays Moe the same song she played for Bianca Bonnie, for some friendly competition. Moe reveals just how hungry she's been to get in the studio and make some music. At this time, Moe feels she made the right decision to leave BBOD behind her and kick off a solo career. Believing in her potential, Yandy signs Moe back up for Self's Gwinin Fest. Yandy hopes this time Moe will be able to show off her skills without bringing any drama. Yandy also reveals Bianca Bonnie will be performing too. Moe doesn't view Bianca as competition and readies herself to shut things down at Gwinin Fest.

Amina Buddafly reflects on her decision to terminate her pregnancy and finds a way to translate her emotions into a song. While playing the song, Peter Gunz walks in on her session. She says Peter has been more attentive and loving since finding out about the abortion. She appreciates how supportive he's been. Peter apologizes and admits he's trying to take the proper steps needed to win her back. Amina admits that she's happy and is willing to work on their estranged marriage.

Lexxy meets with Moe to talk about their break up and the drama with Rah. The way the two ended their business relationship has been making Lexxy feel uneasy, so she looks to Moe for assurance surrounding the current status of their friendship. Moe feels like Lexxy allows outsiders to manipulate her (i.e. Rah). Lexxy disagrees, telling Moe her attitude is a major problem. Moe tells Lexxy she's been making moves as a solo artist and how she's been working with Yandy. Lexxy gets in her feeling, because she believes while Rah is signing her up for fashion shows, Moe is getting registered for actual music events. Before Moe leaves for another studio session, the ladies discuss their disgust for MariahLynn and Bianca.

Cardi B invites Bianca and MariahLynn to blow glass in an attempt to partake in activities that won't get them into trouble. MariahLynn tells Bianca about her beef with Moe and Lexxy. Although Lexxy tried to fight her at Rah's fashion show, MariahLynn admits she's not really worried about her. Her real problem lies with Moe. Knowing Bianca has a problem with Moe as well, MariahLynn tells her she'd be down to fight Moe with her if she ever needs a helping hand. Trying her best to put that etiquette class to use, Bianca changes the topic and invites the ladies to her next studio session with Yandy.

Lexxy meets with Rah to finally address the issues that have been bothering her. She also reveals just how fed up she's been with Rah's managing skills. Lexxy is eager to get into the studio and put her skills in motion. Rah tells her she's already arranged studio time with a huge rapper and is also planning on looking into signing her up for Self's event. After the conversation, Lexxy feels more at ease and confident about her career path.

Rich Dollaz holds a boy's night with Self and Papoose. Self tells them about his love for Yorma and the temptation that's been calling his name with Rose. Surprisingly, Rich offers Self some positive advice about keeping the woman he loves happy. Rich tells Self to focus on Yorma and leave Rose alone. Self isn't the only one with something to get off his chest. Papoose tells the guys about the family issues going on with Remy. He knows the only way to resolve the problems is to address them head on. Papoose is eager to have a sit-down with Remy and his mother.

Lexxy's faith in Rah is fully restored when she finds out Rah reserved a studio session with rapper French Montana. French listens to Lexxy's track, watches her perform, and gives her some pointers on being successful in the business. The studio session goes well. French seems to be feeling Lexxy's track and ultimately decides to hold on to it, just in case he decides to add a verse to it.

Tara Wallace asks Peter to meet with her so she can tell him she's five months pregnant. Peter tells Tara that Amina got an abortion. Tara doesn't seem too surprised about the news and is looking for the conversation to focus back on their unborn child. Tara gets frustrated at Peter, wishing he would own his wrong doings and get himself together. He breaks down in tears, admitting the negative shadow people have cast on him really hurts his feelings. Peter tells Tara he's trying to be a better man. Peter worries how he going to break the news to Amina.

Papoose calls a meeting between his mother Irene and Remy so they can talk about the things that have been bothering her. Remy wishes Irene visited her in prison and questioned why Irene wanted her son to stay away from her while she was incarcerated. Irene reveals the truth behind their big misunderstanding. It's not that she didn't want Papoose to hold her down in jail, in reality, Irene wanted to make sure her son didn't let his career fall behind while he takes care of Remy. Remy is appreciative of their honest conversation, but is still hesitant about inviting her mother to her own wedding. Remy is still holding on to some bottled up anger toward her family and Papoose sees it as another opportunity to have an open discussion.

Moe hits the studio to lay down a few verses for the beats Yandy supplied her. Bianca and Cardi B walk in on their studio session. Not only is Bianca surprised that Yandy's working with Moe, but she's also annoyed that Yandy offered Moe the same track she originally played for her. Bianca confronts Yandy and gets into a yelling match with Moe again. Moe warns Bianca to stay in her place and that doesn't sit with her well. Bianca then forgets all about her etiquette training and decides to throw a drink at Moe. Moe charges at Bianca in retaliation, but security stops her before any damage is done. The episode ends with the ladies both being restrained.

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Tune in next week for another recap of the drama.

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