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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 5 Recap: BBOD Breakup? Is Amina Buddafly Still Pregnant? [WATCH]



On Monday (Jan. 11), VH1's Love & Hip Hop: New York aired episode five of season six called: "Endings and Beginnings." Emotions were running high and drastic decisions were being made. In this recap, you'll discover why BBOD might be breaking up before their career truly kicks off and find out the truth behind Amina Buddafly's pregnancy status.

Episode four left off with BBOD's Miss Moe Money and MariahLynn getting into an altercation over their shared romantic relations with Cisco. As episode five opens up, Moe is explaining what the commotion was all about and why she slapped MariahLynn's drink out of her hand. Despite Moe's excitement about kicking MariahLynn and Cisco out of her single release party, Sexxy Lexxy and Rah Ali were not impressed with her using another public event to act a fool. Cameras are then directed to Cisco and MariahLynn outside discussing the incident that just occurred. MariahLynn tells Cisco to leave Moe alone and start giving her all his attention.

Good news for Yandy Smith, Mendeecees Harris and their family! His official hearing has been postponed until a later date. Although his sentencing is still pending, Yandy and Mendeecees are thankful to be able to spend a little more time together as a family before he's sent away.

Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz have a meeting in the studio about the damage that's been done in their relationship. After the blowout Tara, Peter, and Amina had in the apartment, Peter disappeared for a little while. Tara poured her heart out once again to Peter, explaining how tired she is of being mistreated and disrespected by him. She ultimately decides she wants nothing more to do with him and Peter doesn't put up a fight to change her mind. They both tell themselves that it's time to move on.

In an attempt to get Bianca Bonnie's career back on track, Yandy sets up a studio session for the two of them. Bianca shows up an hour late, using her hair, makeup, and traffic as the excuses for her tardiness. Yandy isn't feeling the bad impression she's making already, so she decides to sign Bianca up for Tara's etiquette class.

While on her way to the studio, MariahLynn receives a message that her mom has been arrested for stealing. MariahLynn's mom's past battles with addiction and recovery has put a strain on their relationship. Her anger boils over about the entire situation, so MariahLynn broke down why she's tired of bailing her mom out of jail and cleaning up her mess. Her mom drops a bombshell on her that makes MariahLynn even more concerned: she's pregnant. MariahLynn questions how her mother is going to bring another child in the world when she's barely taking care of the two children she already has. Her mom thinks the baby will help her straighten her life out, but all MariahLynn feels is disappointment in her.

Bianca invites Cardi B to a Zumba class to release some steam. She tells Cardi about the etiquette class Yandy recommended and Cardi shows interest in it. Cardi reveals her manager has complained about her attitude and accent as well, so she decides to attend the class with Bianca.

Confused and frustrated by Moe's actions, Lexxy decides to get some advice from their mentor and longtime friend, Treach of Naughty by Nature. Despite having a close friendship with Moe before they entered the music business together, she feels their current work disagreements are affecting their personal bond. Treach guarantees her that most music groups don't get along 100% of the time and to not let these disagreements destroy what they worked so hard to achieve. Lexxy and Treach both agree it would be best to talk to Moe's dad, DB, about everything.

In a surprise turn of events, Amina meets up with Peter's daughter Whitney to discuss the current status of her relationship. She revealed that her father's still been messing around with Tara, but Whitney responded like the infidelity news was not a surprise. Whitney admits the way her father treats women has affected her in a major way and questions whether Amina really wants that type of influence around her daughter. Amina reveals the shocking news about her second pregnancy with Peter, telling Whitney she decided to have an abortion. Amina didn't believe bringing another child into their toxic relationship was the right thing to do for the baby or for her.

Bianca and Cardi link up again to attend Tara's etiquette class. They tell Tara they're trying to work on their image in order to help them go further in their careers. Tara instructs the women to engage in several exercises to help with their speech in presentation, but with these two, there was more laughter than any real lessons learned.

MariahLynn accompanied her mother to her hearing. While her mother intended on pleading guilty and spending 90 days in jail, the judge had a different idea about her punishment. The judge postponed her trial for a year, so she wouldn't have to give birth to her baby in jail. Surprised that her mother was willing to go to jail just to pay her back, MariahLynn breaks down in tears. She admits to never wanting to see her mom behind bars or struggling, which makes her mom start to cry as well.

Lexxy sets up a one-on-one meeting with Moe's dad, DB. Lexxy tells him about the squabbles Moe has been getting into and how her attitude is affecting their career and friendship. DB agrees that his daughter can be very stubborn. As Lexxy recounts Moe's recent altercation with MariahLynn, Moe walks into the house with her mom and sister. Moe wasn't too thrilled to see Lexxy having a secret conversation with her father. Lexxy and Moe get into a shouting match about whether or not this meeting with DB was appropriate.

Feeling like the argument would lead nowhere, Lexxy tells Moe she's "done with her" and ready to make some solo moves.

Previews for next week's episode shows more trouble in paradise. Could this be the end of BBOD? Is Tara pregnant? Where did all this tension come from between Remy Ma and Rah?

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Tune in next week for another recap of the drama.

Watch the full season six, episode five of Love & Hip Hop: New York below:

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