Mere days after Mike Patton's supergroup Nevermen, consisting of Tunde Adebimpe and Doseone, dropped their debut album, the Faith No More frontman has announced another collaboration. Now, he's teaming up with Norwegian composer John Kaada of Cloroform. Recording as Kaada/Patton, the duo's forthcoming LP Bacteria Cult is due out April 1st via Ipecac Recordings.

Bacteria Cult marks Kaada/Patton's return to the studio together for the first time in 12 years. The forthcoming album follows 2004's Romances (and 2007's DVD of them performing Romances live in concert). Listen to that album in its entirety below:

If the experimental soundscapes of Romances are any indication of what to expect from Bacteria Cult, Patton fans can look forward to some of the creepier ambience from Lovage's Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By fused with the horror film soundtrack elements of Fantomas' The Director's Cut.

Patton said in a press release "Working with John Kaada on this latest release was an honor and pure pleasure," Pitchfork reports. The singer continued: "His compositions have always resonated deeply with me and his orchestral arrangements for this project are harmonically dense and delicious!"

About the forthcoming album, Patton said "Each individual piece is so well constructed and inventively assembled that my vocal passages practically sang themselves. I'm hoping very much that we can seduce some eardrums and welcome listeners into this lush sonic 'otherworld.'"

Kaada describes that sonic landscape as lingering "in the twilight one where spooky and seductive meet," Consequence of Sound reports. "We wanted to try new things," Kaada explained. "Fully utilizing new technologies, combined with a large orchestra, while putting more attention towards melody and structure."

Check out the full tracklist for Bacteria Cult below:

01. Red Rainbow
02. Black Albino
03. Peste Bubonica
04. Papillon
05. Dispossession
06. A Burnt Out Case
07. Imodium
08. Fountain Gasoline