It's no secret that Niall Horan of One Direction is a big fan of golf. From caddying for Rory McIlroy to attending sports award shows, it's clear the "History" singer loves sports. But, could Horan be taking this passion to a new golfing agency?

If the rumors are to be believed, the answer is a resounding yes.

Horan is a notable golfing enthusiast, and has been spotted playing the game and caddying for friend Rory McIlroy across the world.

And while bandmate Harry Styles switched agencies to launch his solo ventures, Horan is notably keeping close with Modest for his new projects.

On Wednesday (Feb. 3), The Sun reports that Horan is teaming up with One Direction's Modest Management and former TaylorMade account manager Mark McDonnell to launch Modest Golf Management sometime this year in order to help new players in the game.

"It's well known Niall loves golf and has been learning from the best out on tour with Rory. Now he wants to discover exciting new players and give them his backing," a source said. "Mark is an absolute legend in the industry and will help him with endorsement. It's early days but he's committed."

Horan has yet to confirm the creation of Modest Golf Management, so for now, this venture remains a rumor.

While Horan potentially readies to busy himself with a new management venture, his band One Direction remains on an indefinite hiatus. The boy band announced the lengthy break (rumored to last around two years) last year leading up to the release of its new album Made in the A.M.

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