Here's one thing about One Direction fans: if one of their boys is put in even mild potential danger, you know they're going to rally around him. Last night (Oct. 22), during a 1D show on the On The Road Again Tour in Belfast, Hungary, a fan splashed Niall Horan with water while he was playing an electric guitar. Because electricity and water don't generally mix well, neither Horan nor fans responded well to the incident, and the Twitter trend #CanYouRespectNiall overtook the social media site.

During a performance of "Little White Lies," Horan was playng the electric guitar on one side of the stage when an overexcited Directioner splashed him with water.

Though he continued the performance like a professional, Horan can be seen shaking his head and moving to another side of the stage in a fan-shot video.

Fans didn't take particularly well to the incident, which could have easily shocked Horan. Though he walked away from the incident unharmed, Directioners rallied around Horan, trending #CanYouRespectNiall on Twitter.