Yesterday (Feb. 3), Say Anything decided to stream a brand new surprise full-length album titled I Don't Think It Is ahead of its Friday release and we've gathered the stream for your listening pleasure.

"My team and I decided to forego the dying art of the lead‐up and share our new record I Don't Think It Is with you," says frontman Max Bemis in a statement posted to the band's official website. "I've become a bit weary of doing the same song and dance leading up to the actual end­game, people actually listening to something​. It also seems to fit with the core of this record: me destroying any notion of feeling blasé about music."

On first listen, particularly with the opening track "Give a Damn," the new album seems a bit more hardcore-blended than some of the band's previous works, especially their popular 2004 sophomore album ...Is A Real Boy that prides itself on pop-punk singles like "Alive With The Glory Of Love."

Among those who contributed to the LP include Mutemath's Darren King, Cody Votolato (The Blood Brothers), At The Drive-In's Paul Hinojos, Dylan Mathieson (Tiny Moving Parts), Sherri DuPree-Bemis (Eisley), as well as former Say Anything bassist Alex Kent.

"The recent history of Say Anything has been totally affirming," Bemis adds in his statement. "There was a nice little reaction to our last record, Hebrews, which was a step towards 'progressive' (or 'doing whatever the hell I want'). I suppose we have earned the right to remain somewhat vital. However, that entails trying new things. So without any plans for how it would turnout, I introduced a wild card into the equation..."

I Don't Think It Is will be released tomorrow (Feb. 5) via Equal Vision Recordings but does not appear to be available for pre-order, so you'll just have to wait until Friday to secure your download. It will serve as a follow-up to the band's 2014's LP Hebrews.