Though plenty of musicians choose one instrument when starting out and stick to it (I know I have), these six artists all started off on drums before becoming renowned for something else. Here are six incredible musicians who started off as drummers.

1. Frank Zappa

Though Frank Zappa is one of history's greatest and most idiosyncratic guitarists, his earliest musical endeavors were on the drums rather than the guitar. Zappa was an avid fan of R&B and doo-wop, and played drums in various bands through the '50s and early '60s, before he rose to prominence as the guitarist and songwriter for the Mothers of Invention in the mid-60s.

2. Jeff Mangum

Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum may not be a technically gifted guitarist or vocalist, but his passionate performances and songwriting have turned him into an indie rock legend. However, one instrument that Mangum plays with great proficiency is the drums, which he played in the Olivia Tremor Control in the mid-90s, as well as on Neutral Milk Hotel's debut album.

3. J Mascis

Before J Mascis and Lou Barlow formed Dinosaur Jr. in 1984, they were members of hardcore punk band Deep Wound, with Barlow on guitar and Mascis on drums. Though Dinosaur Jr. would establish Mascis as a guitar hero, he would often play the drums on the band's albums, especially during the '90s. Mascis would officially return to drums in 2005 with stoner metal band Witch.

4. Mike Kinsella

Anyone who's heard Owen or American Football knows that Mike Kinsella is a fabulously inventive guitarist with a penchant for unusual tunings and complicated time signatures. However, when performing with his most influential band, Cap'n Jazz, Kinsella was the band's drummer rather than its guitarist. Kinsella would also play drums in the Cap'n Jazz semi-reunion band Owls, as well as his recordings as Owen.

5. Bobby Gillespie

For fans of UK indie rock, Bobby Gillespie is best known as the soft-voiced singer for Scottish psychedelic rock band Primal Scream, but Gillespie began his career in music as the drummer for noise pop band The Jesus and Mary Chain, playing on its classic debut album Psychocandy. However, Gillespie never considered himself a true drummer, as he played standing up with just a snare and floor tom, inspired by Moe Tucker from the Velvet Underground.

6. Jack White

To paraphrase an old John Lennon quote about Ringo Starr, Meg White wasn't even the best drummer in The White Stripes. Yes, she was absolutely perfect for the music, but Jack White has been playing drums since he was six years old. Though Jack White rose to prominence as a killer blues-rock guitarist, he finally revealed his long dormant drum chops when he formed the Dead Weather in 2009.

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