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Primal Scream Announce North American Tour For May [FULL SCHEDULE]

Buzz 11:51AM EDT

Although they don't have a new album to support (at least not yet), Scottish alt-rock veterans Primal Scream have announced a brief North American tour to follow their appearance at Austin Psych Fest's Levitation Festival on May 9. According to Brooklynvegan, the band will hit New Orleans, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City, finishing up in Brooklyn on May 21.READ MORE

Led Zeppelin in 1973

Ranking The Royal Mail's 10 Rock 'n' Roll Inspired Stamps: Led Zeppelin 'IV', Pink Floyd's 'The Division Bell', The Rolling Stones 'Let It Bleed' and More

Buzz 14:37PM EDT

Just five years ago the UK Postal system introduced a series of ten stamps featuring album art from classic records by British rock bands. Are we behind the times? Yes. Were we around to weigh in on the list when it dropped? No. Now Music Times weighs in on all ten album covers and rank them from 10 to 1 in terms of which serves best as a stamp...both for its aesthetic and its relevance within music culture. Artists include The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.READ MORE

The Everly Brothers

Remembering Musicians Who Died In 2014: Phil Everly, Bobby Womack, Pete Seeger, And More

Buzz 17:35PM EDT

2014 saw the passing of a fair share of aging musical legends, but it tragically also saw the deaths of many relatively young artists well before their time. This list honors just some of the artists who passed away this year, so if there are any that you think we may have missed, you can post your tributes down in the comments section below.READ MORE

Vampire Weekend -

10 Album Titles That Incorporate The Artist's Name: The Who, Vampire Weekend, And More

Exclusives 13:48PM EDT

When an artist has an iconic name, it's tempting to use that name wherever possible, especially within the title of an album. Here are 10 albums that incorporate the artist's name without being simply self-titled.READ MORE

Primal Scream

Primal Scream Guitarist Robert 'Throb' Young Dead At 49

Genres 10:56AM EDT

Robert "Throb" Young, former guitarist of legendary Scottish alternative rock band Primal Scream, was found dead in his apartment on Tuesday (Sept. 9) afternoon. He was 49 years old. The cause of death has not yet been determined, though The Guardian reports that police are not treating his death as suspicious.READ MORE

Bruce Springsteen

7 Cover Songs That Sound Nothing Like The Original: Bruce Springsteen, Devo, And More

Exclusives 18:29PM EDT

Though most cover songs remain pretty much faithful to the original arrangement, an interesting cover song should take the basic elements of the original and build something entirely new and unique out of them. Here are seven cover songs that sound nothing like the original.READ MORE

Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream

8 Band Names That Don't Fit The Music: The Zombies, Primal Scream, And More

Exclusives 09:56AM EDT

Some bands have names that give you a perfect idea of what kind of music they play. I mean, what other kind of band could Slayer possibly be, or Black Flag? However, these eight bands chose names that don't quite represent the music they make.READ MORE

Pink Floyd -

7 Albums With Two Versions Of The Same Song: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, And More

Exclusives 14:50PM EDT

I've written before about artists who have recorded two versions of the same song, but usually these two different versions appear on separate releases. These seven artists, however, recorded two different versions of one song for the very same album.READ MORE

Frank Zappa playing drums

6 Incredible Artists Who Started Off As Drummers: Frank Zappa, Jack White, and more

Exclusives 07:44AM EDT

Though plenty of musicians choose one instrument when starting out and stick to it (I know I have), these six artists all started off on drums before becoming renowned for something else. Here are six incredible musicians who started off as drummers.READ MORE

PJ Harvey -

9 Great Songs That Sound Out of Place On Their Albums: Nirvana, PJ Harvey and more

Exclusives 15:08PM EDT

Though an album where every song is pretty much the same won’t be very good (unless you’re the Ramones), the songs on an album should at least feel like it they all came from the same place. These nine songs, however, sound like they were placed on the wrong album entirely. Here are nine great songs that sound out of place on their albums.READ MORE

Of Montreal

6 Artists Who Sound Totally Different Now Than When They Started: Radiohead, Of Montreal and more

Exclusives 19:31PM EDT

Artists who tend to repeat their own work over and over again usually aren’t worth following (see: Oasis), but there are some artists who have shifted their sounds so radically that they’ve become virtually unrecognizable to their former selves. Here are six artists who sound totally different from when they started.READ MORE

Primal Scream takes a favorite film and adds its own soundtrack for 'Vanishing Point'

Genres 12:35PM EDT

Music Times believes that it's never too late to go back and try something old. Throwback Thursdays will go back and pull out an album that's at least 10 years old, so that you can find something new, or revisit something you've forgotten about.READ MORE

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