Skrillex and Utrecht-based producer, DJ Wiwek have released their long-awaited ID "Killah" featuring Swedish pop singer Elliphant on vocals. The track is taken from Wiwek's five-song EP The Free & Rebellious released today.

This track is a fearsome display of the genre that Wiwek has coined "jungle terror." It starts with a subtle calm of quick drums and jungle sounds and then these give way to a riser that unleashes an onslaught of pitched synths, jarring bass sounds one expects from Skrillex and a variety of different thundering drum patterns.

It eventually calms back down into the break with a similar calm found in the intro, but this quickly is replaces with another drop with a few more elements.

Elliphant dons a dancehall accent and her vocals are kept quite simple, going down the middle between her rapping and singing with the line "killah, we gon' murder them."

The new collaboration is quite different from the other Skrillex and Elliphant collaboration "Spoon Me" that was just released in the past 24 hours. That was much more suited for pop and radio audiences, whereas this is geared more towards clubs and festivals that Wiwek and Skrillex play. It is different from past iterations, but it sounds polished and ready for the spring and summer seaon.

Also included on the EP are four other songs, all collaborations with Audiobullys, Lil Debbie, Yellow Claw, Big Freedia and Sirah.

The name for the EP came after Wikek spent some time in the Himalayas and felt inspired to be free and rebellious with his music.

Stream the collaboration "Killah" below and pick up a copy of it and the whole EP on iTunes.

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